Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Really Good Day!

Yesterday was a really good day!

First, I fit into a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear all summer and they were loose!!!! Yea, Me!!!!!

Then my walk was really nice - no leg cramps or hurt toes, although I ran over my big toe with my suitcase last week and it is showing black and blue under the polish. It just healed and started to look like a regular toenail again. I have lost the nail on that toe, at least, 3 times and I really don't want that to happen again.

I had some energy and went through my yarn stash and culled some yarn I am selling on EBay. So far so good on that.

My printer didn't survive an electrical outage and I had some Amazon gift certificates I hadn't used, so that worked out. I got a new printer for less than 1/2 of its price. Of course, I didn't really want a new printer - I just bought ink for the old one - but at least I didn't have to spend a lot of money. Nothing else was damaged and I don't know how the printer was - it was plugged into the same surge protector that the computer and shredder were.

I finished a sweater that was inspired by a sweater I saw in Knits To Be Noticed. What I did was change the construction of the sweater. I used the same lace stitch and style - hoodie, but knitted it in the round. I hate finishing so I knitted top-down. It worked really well. It even fits me. I was knitting on it at the beach and everyone commented on the color. It is made out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece seconds that I got on EBay. The color is uneven but I liked it - it sort of looks worn already.

I also finished the Fair Isle vest I designed for my youngest grandson. His mother commented that it was beautiful when we were at the beach, so maybe he will wear it.

We went to Barnes and Noble around 6PM which was probably a mistake in timing. I found 3 new knitting magazines and sat in the cafe with a chai latte to look at them. Then I couldn't fall asleep last night until after 3AM. Danny came downstairs to find me and then he couldn't sleep and ended up canceling his run with Joe. I guess I owe him one for that. I think the chai had something to do with it, but I also think that it was a chance for me to be alone in the house. Since he has retired, he is always around. I used to come home from work and have about 3 hours to myself. I didn't do anything I can't do now, I could do it when I wanted and for how long I wanted. Now it seems I am subject to his schedule. That is not really a bitch, just something I am getting used to -or trying to.

Work went well this week. I didn't talk much in Treatment Team. As usual, it was a waste of time and I have decided not to add my 2 cents and prolong the agony. T. seems to have kept her cool - although I usually find out after the fact.

I gave everyone the first chapter of Catching Fire. They were all so excited. I found a pin that is the symbol of the books - a mockingjay - at Borders in Virginia Beach and wore it all week. The kids recognized the symbol. It was such a teacher thing to do.

I finally was able to order library books and videos with the N&D money this week. D. and T. commented on the Black History videos I ordered. Evidently I spent too much money on Black information - never mind that most of our kids are Black and the rest wish they were. And they are both good Christians - who hate gays and don't believe in Global Warming and I don't know what else because I try really hard not to bring up any topic they don't agree with. That is actually pretty difficult, since I am constantly surprised at what "good" Christians believe. Like that Baptist minister who preached a sermon "I Hate Barack Obama."

My 4 year old grandson went to pre-school this week. We called him to see how his first day went and he told us all about it. I think he is too young, but the expression of that opinion created a problem with his father when we were at the beach. Enough said.

Reading back over my post - I am really not bitching although I was in a bitchy mood at times this week. I think I had a really good week. And today is beautiful!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have Been Busy!

I am still sticking to my diet - haven't weighed myself though. We were in Virginia Beach for the Labor Day weekend and we ate out every meal. That makes it tough - I don't think I ate more than 1 serving of fruit the whole time. i did find an interesting book about food - Eat This Not The Supermarket Survival Guide I actually do ok with my food choices. I was pleasantly surprised.

I knitted all the way to Virginia Beach and back - an 8 hour drive. I am close to finishing my lace sweater. I finished a vest for my youngest grandchild - pictures later.

I am in the process of getting used to working 8 hour days again. I get used to it and then I go on vacation - I know, poor me. But this week it is really kicking my ass. And of course, school has been really busy. And the tension is obvious - T is such a bitch and so negative. I had to run for supplies today and usually I ask if she wants to go, but today I thought I just didn't feel like playing nice for the time it would take to get there and back. I think it pissed her off, but I really don't care. How is that for being bitchy?