Saturday, October 8, 2011

And again!

Once again I am slightly tipsy from one drink and deciding to blog. I am recovering from a cold and probably babying myself. I had a full and active day today. I walked 2.4 miles in an outfit that showed just how fat I am and worked in the yard for about 2 hours. I have finished a lot of knitting recently and actually have reworked a sweater that I had finished but hated how it looked on me. I am working on that now and am about half way there. My knitting has really come along. I can look at a pattern and work it on my own. I prefer top-down no seams and can adapt any pattern to that. I made a sweater this summer that one of my daughters actually seemed to want - so I gave it to her. I hope that wasn't a mistake. I always get so hurt when they don't actually want to wear anything I made. but she genuinely seemed to like it. I of course jumped on that - I so want to be loved - and gave it to her when I finished.

I actually miss it - the yarn was a cotton, silk, wool blend and I liked the sweater. I did a good job on the sleeves - first time I actually did the math and it worked. Sometimes I am so lazy.

I am reworking this sweater - I really liked the yarn and the sweater - it just looked like shit on me.

I really wanted to knit it but using my top-down no seam approach. I'll let you know how it turns out.

We have our house for sale - since July. No offers - no second tours. We want to move to North Carolina - the weather.

Actually a lot has been happening. I should blog about it.