Sunday, March 6, 2011

New FO and ADHD Knitting

Just finished and already worn. This was my own design. Long flat cables where I took the opportunity to teach myself to cable without a needle. Such a time saver. I should have done it long ago. And it is really not difficult at all. The yarn was Moda dea wool and silk in a charcoal color way. I really liked the yarn. It was knit into 2 different sweaters before I made it into this one. It held up really well and is soft, very warm and because of the stitch pattern stretchy. The sweater is knitted bottom up with the sleeves picked up after the shoulders are grafted. I need to work on my sleeve technique - I think I pick up too many stitches and then do not have enough length to do the proper amount of decreases. These sleeves are a little long but I wore this to the bookstore yesterday and they really didn't annoy me. If I find they do, I will probably shorten them.

I am really having a bad case of startitis - if that is a word. I started a sweater from Fearless Fair Isle Knitting -that is a beautiful book. I am knitting the one on the cover and it is really sort of cheating. The pattern calls for Mini Mochi in 2 color ways. So while it looks like intricate fair isle, it is really only 2 yarns alternating throughout the sweater. I have done real fair isle before and this is easier and less a tangled mess. I am really happy with my progress so far.

I love working on the fair isle and so I started a vest using Noro Transititons for no reason other than impulse. Do love the yarn though.

And then there are the 5 different scarves that I started all in one night - entrelac, reversible, lace, sort of entrelac lace, and another lace. I think I just wanted to see if I could learn the techniques. I did and then I would start another scarf.

Yesterday at the book store I bought a sock book and apparently now I am going to learn toe up socks. I thought I was also going to learn how to knit socks on 2 circular needles instead of DPNs, but I pulled out an UFO sock that I had almost complete and it was knit on 2 circulars! Evidently I learned and put it away and then forgot. It was really easy to pick up once I looked at everything - I would have worried if it wasn't since it was a review and not a new learning experience. I finished the first sock last night and boy do I hate the Kitchener stitch. That is why I want to learn to knit socks from the toe up. I'm going to knit the second sock that way. My theory is that no one will be able to tell which one was up and which one was down.

And I have another cardigan planned for Tuesday. I want to go to a new yarn shop Stormy Blue in Murrysville and get yarn for it. The yarn is only an excuse to go - I don't know why I need an excuse, but I feel like I do. I am hoping that they start a new knit night and I can join in. I would really love to talk to someone about knitting. No one else I know knits. How weird is that?