Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Sucks!

Last week it was nearly 70' and today it looked like a foot of snow had fallen. I don't think it will last, but really this sucks! Tomorrow we are driving to North Carolina and I really hope the weather will be spring-like. Last trip we had planned for NC had to be cancelled because of snow - in NC!!!!

I just finished Cerisara. I really liked this pattern. It was top-down which is the way I think all sweaters should be knitted and the lace pattern was easy to memorize. I wasn't sure I would like the lace on the sleeves though. I thought I might look like a linebacker - I thought it would add bulk to my already bulky upper arms. So I made the vest. I used ribbing instead of reverse ss. That is the only thing I didn't like about the vest - the reverse ss. If I ever make the pattern again, I will have the ss on the outside. The fit is great and I really like it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Really Good Weekend!

Two of the scarfs I have finished in my knitting scarf frenzy. The striped one is Noro Taiyo and is Jared Flood's simple knit 1 purl 1 rib for two rows in one color and then two rows in another. I love that scarf - it's not boring because of the color changes. The second is Sassy Scarflette which I also did in Noro. I love that yarn.

Yesterday I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet show in Cranberry. I love that festival. It is inside the Sheraton - a big beautiful hotel with plenty of room for venders and classes. I didn't take any classes this year - I didn't see any that I felt I would learn from. That sounds like I think I know everything, but I know I don't. It's just that I have learned from taking classes, that I already know most of what is covered. There were some name teachers there - Nicky Epstein for one but I am not a big fan of her work and she brought a Barbie Doll knitting show with her. I really wasn't interested in that - not for the price of the class.

Steven Be was there - I thought he had been a rock star from the 60s at one time because of the way he dresses, but evidently he is a knitting rock star and not the musical kind. He dresses really eccentrically and seems like a really nice guy. He is the one in the Addi ads in the knitting magazines.

I bought a couple of patterns and one book. There were two other books I wanted but knew I could get them on Amazon for half the price. When I am spending my own money, I seem to be frugal - ummm, cheap! I bought yarn for scarves. I am going through really strange knitting cravings. I started 4 scarves last night and woke up this morning thinking of starting 2 more. I get bored once I learn the pattern so I thought if I started a couple I could alternate working on each and wouldn't be bored. Evidently I have no self-control. That happens to me when I am knitting sweaters too. At least the scarves won't take as long to finish.

I am getting really tired of winter. We haven't had the really bad weather like the mid west has had, but it has been consistently cold and snowy forever it seems. I feel like I need to go outside and sit in the sun - if it ever comes out again. We talk about moving south but then think of the hassle selling and buying a new house would be, and stop complaining. Danny wants to go to a movie this afternoon - Inside Job but I hope he decides not to. It is coming out beginning of March in dvd and I am tired.