Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have Been Busy!

I am still sticking to my diet - haven't weighed myself though. We were in Virginia Beach for the Labor Day weekend and we ate out every meal. That makes it tough - I don't think I ate more than 1 serving of fruit the whole time. i did find an interesting book about food - Eat This Not The Supermarket Survival Guide I actually do ok with my food choices. I was pleasantly surprised.

I knitted all the way to Virginia Beach and back - an 8 hour drive. I am close to finishing my lace sweater. I finished a vest for my youngest grandchild - pictures later.

I am in the process of getting used to working 8 hour days again. I get used to it and then I go on vacation - I know, poor me. But this week it is really kicking my ass. And of course, school has been really busy. And the tension is obvious - T is such a bitch and so negative. I had to run for supplies today and usually I ask if she wants to go, but today I thought I just didn't feel like playing nice for the time it would take to get there and back. I think it pissed her off, but I really don't care. How is that for being bitchy?

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