Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, New Resolution!

Once again I am inflicted with Startitis - those of you who have it know exactly what I am talking about. I probably don't know how to spell it, but I have it in spades. For someone who doesn't make resolutions, I am certainly determined to do few things that I always intend to do but don't do consistently for one reason or another - mostly sloth on my part, or boredom.

I started 4 knitting projects in the last week - most from stash yarn. I will have to photograph the one I already finished in Jan. Started it over Christmas in VT with the family and finished it the first week we were home. I got so sick and we had a terrible drive home that I am actually surprised that I finished it. We spent 5 hours on I80 because of a snow squall that caused 20+ cars to wreck and block the road. I won't talk about how we were 200 ft from an exit and about 100 cars turned around and went past us to the exit and he refused to even consider it. I had to go to the bathroom so badly by the time we were moving that I could taste it. Then it snowed really heavily about 10 miles from home - too close to stay and too close to drive. We pushed through and everything was ok but we got home at 2:30am. A really long trip and then my cold which settled in my throat and I lost my voice really set in and I was sick for what seemed like forever but which was only about 5 days. January has been a bitch so far this year.

Another of my not really resolutions resolutions is to mark my progress on the treadmill. I'm doing really well now that I am back to it after the holidays and being sick. I always want to do that, but I am not consistent.

Third not really resolution resolution is to regularly update this blog. I actually don't care if anyone reads it - I just want to mark my knitting progress and talk a little about me. Ok, maybe a lot about me.

Enough for today - don't want ennui to set in before I even finish my first blog of the year.

I don't get Facebook and Twitter really escapes me.

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