Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 2

I kept my calories under 1300 yesterday and I walked a total of 3 miles. Of course, I was really tired last night and couldn't wait to go to bed. I also ate a dish of ice cream and whipped cream before I went to bed. I made a deal with myself - if I exercise, I can have a dish of ice cream. I actually have been doing that for a while now - please, I know it is a rationalization, but no arguments.

I also found a web site that counts my calories for me Calorie Count This site is free and also grades you on how you ate that day. I got an A on my first day - emphasis on "first day." Even with the dish of ice cream.

We just got back from vacation and I really feel far behind on everything. I have a lot of things to do - nothing major, but still... One of the things is to post on the Paperback Swap site. I love this site!!! You simply post your books on the site - easy to do, just list the ISBN # - and then if someone wants one of your books, simply mail it to them to earn book credits. And if you want a book, just request it. The only cost is postage - I buy the postage through the site (they charge a small fee) and print my labels and put it in the mail. I have ended up with even more books that I need to read. If only I didn't have to work...

Speaking of which, the only thoughts I have had about work during this month off is about my fish in my office and the book I want to start my students on that isn't coming out till Sept 1,
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins We have read the first in the series, The Hunger Games
and all of these students who are mostly at 3rd grade reading levels were really into it. They and me can't wait until this new book comes out. Even the guards who are usually bored to tears in our classes, sat up and read the book.

Back to the fish - I hope they are ok. I have an automatic feeder but as backup, I usually put one of those vacation feeders in the tank. I didn't this time and now I am worried about them. I could email one of the therapists and ask her to check, but I haven't worried myself into it yet.

I received more books on thyroid conditions. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is when your thyroid doesn't produce enough hormone. I am beginning to wonder about how it makes me feel. Coming home from our trip, we stopped to eat. One hostess acknowledged us and then went to clean off a table for us, another hostess came and I told her that the first was cleaning off a table for us. The second hostess told me not to get all hot and bothered, that she knew what was going on. For some reason this has been bothering me since it happened. I wasn't trying to be abrupt or rude, I was just telling her that we had already been taken care of - or so I thought. I have tried to rationalize it by excusing the hostess for a bad day, but I keep wondering if my tone was off or something. I think the for the most part undiagnosed thyroid condition had me on edge for most of last year. I know I didn't have the patience I used to have, but I may not have realized that my tone was so harsh. The more I read about hypothyroidism, the more I think that this has been my problem for more than a few years.

Knitting: I have finished Jared Flood's Girasole. He does such beautiful work. I wanted an afghan for my knitting chair. Sometimes in the winter I get cold sitting there knitting, so I wanted an afghan that I liked - I like none of the traditional patterns - and I found this and loved it.

I tried to knit his adaptation of The Hemlock Ring Blanket but for some reason, I couldn't follow the directions. That was last year - September, in fact - I think I may try again. I am almost finished with about 4 sweaters and determined to finish them before I start anything new. I received new knitting books in the mail and I want to start at least 2 new projects. I am hopeless - too much to read, too much to knit, too much to eat, too much to ...

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