Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Day.

I'm still going strong with the diet. Of course it has only been 2 days - this is my third and it's morning, but I am optimistic. I got a B+ on nutrition and I walked 3.24 miles on the treadmill. It has been raining so much that I prefer the treadmill to trekking outside and coming home soaked.

Today there was a full paid "ad" in the newspaper from US Citizens Association. I don't know who they are, but from all of the misinformation/lies in the ad, they must be a right wing political group. They blame the market crash and the sub-prime mortgage crisis on the Democrats, starting with Jimmy Carter all the way to Obama. My understanding is those problems began with the deregulations that Reagan enforced. I heard a clip of Reagan denouncing "socialized medicine" on the radio the other day. Reagan was the beginning of what I consider the end - Obama is not doing the job I voted for him to do. I want him to say, "Fuck the Republicans. Let's do what is best for the country without them." I am losing optimism daily - every time I hear things like "public option is only a sliver of the bill, not really that important."

US Citizens also said that there is no global warming - the CO2 is just water vapor. I said that at school as a joke and evidently all three of the other teachers believe that global warming is a myth "used by the government." I'm not sure and they sure didn't know what reason/motive the government would have for promoting that. I couldn't believe 3 people that I thought I respected, were so clueless. But then again, none of them are really interested in what is going on in the country. I would be surprised if any of them listened to any news at all. They just blindly support Republicans and vote themselves into misery. No raises this year because of the economy - but that they just bitch about and do not connect to their votes.

Sitting in front of the computer is what is giving me headaches, shoulder aches and arm aches. NOT KNITTING!!!! On the 12 hour trip home, I knitted for at least 6 or 7 of those hours and no problem. I was on the computer for most of the morning yesterday and I have a headache and shoulder ache. I am so glad it is not knitting, I really don't want to stop that. Speaking of which, I have been on the computer for a while now.

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